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Aids-HIV cure in 4-6 weeks!

635 Aids cure with Basil Wainwright Ozone treatment in Kenya Africa.

Dr. James Boyce Ozone IV and combination therapies turned 118 people HIV negative.

There are more than 3000 medical references in the German, Russian, Italian and Cuban literature showing Ozones use throughout 50 years of application to humans by way of millions of dosages.

The first reported used of Ozone in medicine was 1841.

Direct IV has been used for 50 years.

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You can expect to stay 4-6 weeks, during your stay you are expect to follow the protocol:

1. Daily in Ozone at Saturation. This will oxidize your pathogens, it kills virus, bacteria, mold, fungus, cancer and remove toxic direct through oxidation, recommend reading "Flood Your Body With Oxygen": Ed McCabe

2. Primal Diet, Is the daily consumption of raw carnivores diet, rich in essential fatty acids, enzymes and essential amino acids supplies building nutrients for healthy cells to replicate, recommend reading “We want to live”.

3. Photon Sound Beam Machine Treatment provides healing frequency from light, sound + varible frequencies. This system kills Pathogens and stimulates Lymphatic’s to remove waste, promotes nerve activity that brings healing blood into surrounding tissue.

4. Massage using a variety of technology with Healing virgin coconut oil, this oil has amazing healing power, I have seen skin cancer fade away with oil.

5. Juice + Water Treatment daily ingestion of fresh vegetables juice. Water is treated with ceramic filter and grander unit. This water provides biologically compatible water that enables the body to replace its necessary body fluids, the body is 65-75% water. This water restore the deficiencies in body fluids. Also removing waste by changing surface tension of water and energize with vortases created in the water.